Global Piano Service


Training for tuners in partnership with Venues

  • When working in overseas venues, our policy at GPS is to work in partnership with local tuners wherever possible.
  • A piano will only remain in optimum condition between annual servicing if the daily maintenance is correctly addressed at a high standard. This is primarily tuning, but a certain amount of voicing and mechanical regulation may also have to be undertaken throughout the year.
  • It is essential that the on-site tuner is equipped with the necessary skills so these issues can be approached with confidence.
  • All members of our team have significant experience in the field of teaching tuners and technicians to the highest level. As part of our service we are keen to include teaching or coaching where required.
  • Although it is simply not possible to train individuals to rebuild pianos in the time we have available when servicing, we are able to commit to the focus on training needed for the requirements of day to day maintenance. We have on-site programmes available and opportunities for distance learning where appropriate.

Tailor made training packages

In today’s piano world there are limited opportunities for tuners and technicians to receive high level training. Though there are still some apprenticeships, a few college courses and a handful of manufacturer sponsored refresher courses, there are few training programs which are specifically designed to fit the needs of individuals or groups of tuners / technicians who wish to up-skill in specific areas.

Whether a music conservatoire or retail chain, many organisations around the world have difficulty finding tuners and technicians to provide quality day to day service. To send tuners and technicians overseas for training, whether it is basic training or advanced up-skilling, can often be impractical or unaffordable. GPS can to bring training to you, and by teaching groups of technicians rather than focusing on individuals, this teaching can be both practical and affordable.

At GPS we are able to put together training programs for up to 6 individuals at a time. These programs involve a combination of our technician(s) coming to you periodically, an element of distance learning and also the added possibility of individuals coming to us for additional experience.

Although this type of training is not a real substitute for a comprehensive full time apprenticeship or lengthy full time intensive course, for a venue or shop which sees the benefit of its tuners receiving excellent teaching which is specifically focussed on specific areas, these GPS courses can be hugely beneficial.