Global Piano Service

Piano Servicing

Pianos, particularly those at the top end of the concert market, need to be maintained to the highest standard on a regular basis. International concert pianists expect the world’s finest pianos, and hope to always find them in a first class state of mechanical regulation, voicing and tuning.

The aim of Global Piano Services Ltd is to offer venues, orchestras and private homes the services of technicians who can provide these world class standards for your world class instruments.

When new pianos are selected from the factory or retail showroom, they are almost always in perfect condition. But pianos comprise many hundreds of moving parts which are subject to the rigors of temperature and humidity changes, as well as expected wear and tear. Even a fine piano which is just one year old will need the attention of an experienced concert technician to attend to issues of regulation and voicing.

It is sound policy for instruments to be serviced at least annually, not only to keep them in the best possible condition from a performance point of view, but to maximise the pianos’ ongoing capitol value, so protecting your investment.

Like any piece of machinery, your piano’s mechanical parts will wear out and will eventually need replacing. It is impossible for piano technicians to carry out such overhauls to the specification and standards of the factories without many years of specialist training and experience. Global Piano Services Ltd has the world’s most experienced independent team of technicians available to undertake such work, whether the requirement is an annual service, a new set of hammers or a full overhaul including restringing, a complete new action and even the repair or repolishing of casework.

At Global Piano Services Ltd we can help with, and certainly encourage ongoing service programmes and cyclical replacement plans. We are fully aware that new instruments are not always a financially viable option every time wear becomes apparent. Our rebuilding facilities offer our clients the option of returning pianos to ‘as new’ condition to get a second life out of older instruments.

We consider that there are three separate aspects to the ongoing excellence in relation to the condition of your piano stocks

  1. Selecting the right piano for your venue at the outset, or rebuilding your existing piano to factory standards and specifications.
  2. Servicing your pianos to the highest level annually.
  3. Addressing the day to day tuning and maintenance of your pianos to a high standard.

Our vision is to:

  • Deliver excellence in every aspect of our services and strive to exceed our client’s expectations.
  • Provide the ultimate piano management, rebuild and maintenance service by providing understandable and affordable plans, and utilising the specialist services of our team.
  • Provide the same high level of service to all clients, whether they are venues, teaching institutions, world renowned concert pianists, or piano enthusiasts.
  • To be universally recognised as the global leader in concert piano maintenance.