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Pianos, particularly those at the top end of the concert market, need to be maintained to the highest standard on a regular basis.
TRAINING - All members of our team have significant experience in the field of teaching and coaching tuners and technicians to the highest level.
We are always delighted to help clients source and select quality pianos. Whether new or pre-owned, we are able to offer guidance to ensure that the right piano is selected for the right situation.
Whether we are rebuilding a piano which you already own, or looking to source a piano for you to buy, we aim to set up your piano to suit your taste.

GPS Ltd is a unique team comprising some of the world’s most experienced independent concert piano tuners and technicians. We have united to provide the highest level of technical service to concert halls, conservatoires and homes around the world.

Our team has a combined 300 years experience of rebuilding, servicing and advising on the world’s finest concert instruments. We maintain the pianos in some of the world's most prestigious concert venues and music conservatoires.

Now based across three continents, we are able to reach out to venues and homes from the UK and continental Europe, to North and South America, Asia, Australasia and many places in between.

Our aim is to ensure pianos are playing as well as they were when new, and ensuring this excellence remains in place for the long term. We are able to train your tuners/technicians to confidently address the day to day maintenance of your pianos.

We have the experience and facilities to rebuild worn out instruments and carry out annual maintenance. Our service extends to creating ongoing servicing and cyclical replacement programmes to ensure your venue has the best possible selection of pianos. In addition, we have the knowledge to help you find the right new piano to suit your particular venue, and are well positioned to consult with those pianists who are the most experienced in the task of selecting new instruments.

As we deal with the world’s finest pianists on a daily basis, we are well placed to understand your needs exactly, whether your instruments are for teaching purposes, concerto or recital performance or for your personal pleasure at home.

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